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Dr. Andrew J. Rosenfeld

Dr. Andrew Rosenfeld, DVM, is a veterinarian in West Chester with a strong interest in emergency care and internal medicine.  

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Dr. Andrew J. Rosenfeld, West Chester Veterinarian

 Dr. Rosenfeld was medical director of Companion Animal Health, a veterinary medical company that produces Regenerative / Rehab Medicine, Diagnostic and Treatment therapies.  Dr. Rosenfeld worked with Companion to develop and produce clinical diagnostics and new treatment modalities for veterinary medicine.  Before this, Dr. Rosenfeld was medical director of Abaxis Animal Health from 2014 – 2018 where he was responsible for the education of products, development of new product information and professional service veterinarians.  

Prior to this, Dr. Rosenfeld was medical director of many facilities, his last position was medical director of VCA Boston Road Animal Hospital, a specialty, emergency and wellness hospital.  He graduated Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991.  He has practiced small animal critical care and emergency medicine for 30 years.  He has been performing abdominal and thoracic ultrasound for the last 15 years.  Dr. Rosenfeld has a strong interest in emergency and general surgery, internal medicine, ultrasound diagnostics and emergency care. 

Dr. Rosenfeld is a member of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners and was an adjunct professor at Mesa Community College and Arizona State University.  Dr Rosenfeld has also authored a text for veterinary hospitals called The Veterinary Team Handbook from Blackwell Press.  Dr. Rosenfeld has co-authored a textbook in clinical pathology called Clinical Pathology for the Veterinary Team (Blackwell – 2009).  

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