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Urgent Care & Specialty Referral Form

West Chester Veterinary Medical Center accepts referrals for urgent and specialty care, which are designed to function as an extension of your primary care facility. To refer a patient, please submit the form below.

Referring Veterinarian

Patient Information

Medical Details

Urgent Care & Specialty Availability

West Chester Veterinary Medical Center is available to manage most medical and surgical urgent care 7 days a week, 8 am to 8 pm and holidays.

Philosophy of Care

We are dedicated to supporting the veterinary community by providing these referral services. We believe a strong interaction among veterinarians working together will strengthen the veterinary profession and provide the ideal care for your patients.

With today’s advances in veterinary diagnostics and treatments, we believe that the best outcome for a complicated case is achieved when the primary care veterinarian is an intrinsic part of a dedicated team of staff members, urgent care doctors, and specialists, all communicating and collaborating together to provide quality medicine.

What You Can Expect

Our highly trained staff ensures that any patients you refer to our hospital are sent to you for follow-up care. 

Communication with referral veterinarians is our utmost priority. You will receive a prompt, automatic notification once one of our veterinarians has examined your patient. We use progress reports and phone communication as vital channels to keep you involved in your patient's care. Once your patient has been discharged, you'll receive a case summary.


Should you have any questions about our referral policies or require more information, please call us or contact us via email. 

Caring for Pets in West Chester

West Chester Veterinary Medical Center accepts new clients to our specialty and urgent care hospital.

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