Here at West Chester Veterinary Clinic, we maintain an extensive supply of up-to-date medicines as well as modern therapeutic goods to provide our patients and their owners with immediate access to necessary treatments.


To assist with keeping your dog or cat in good health, we have a variety of specialized supplements to keep them in tip-top shape. These include vitamins, mineral powders, and supplements.

  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Missing Link
  • Antioxidants
  • Glycoflex
  • Pet Tabs
  • Oxyfresh

Prescription Diets

These foods provide specialized nutrition that dogs or cats may require when suffering from a particular disease or disorder. We keep ourselves stocked with the supplies listed below. Sometimes, a pet will have a particular taste for one brand over another. If you don’t see the food your pet needs, just give us a call and we can personally order it for you.

Renal Diets

  • Hills – K/D. U/D, C/D
  • Purina/CNM – UR, NF
  • Royal Canin Select Care – Modified Formula, Control Formula
  • Royal Canin – SO

Intestinal Diets

  • Hills – I/D, D/D, W/D
  • Purina/CNM – EN, DCO
  • Royal Canin Select Care – Sensitive Formula

Dermatology (Skin) Diets

  • Hills – D/D
  • Purina/CNM – HA, LA
  • Royal Canin Select Care – Neutral Formula, Limited Duck & Potato, Venison & Potato

Cardiac Diets

  • Hills – H/D
  • Purina/CNM – CV

Weight Management Diets

  • Hills – W/D, R/D
  • Purina/CNM – OM

Diabetic Diets

  • Purina/CNM – DM
  • Royal Canin Select Care – Hi-fiber Formula

Skin Care

To help your pet with dermatological problems we keep a variety of skin care products on hand. These include:

  • Medicated Shampoos
  • Dandruff Shampoos
  • Anti-Itch Shampoos
  • Oily Skin Shampoos
  • Oatmeal Rinse Shampoos
  • Dips

Tick and Flea Prevention

In addition to shampoos and dips we also supply medications for the control of heart worm, ticks, and fleas. Ask us about these products:

  • Heartgard
  • Interceptor
  • Frontline Plus
  • Revolution
  • Sentinel
  • Preventic Tick Collars