Here at West Chester Veterinary Medical Center, an extensive pharmacy of medicines and therapeutic supplies. We consistently maintain and update our stock in order to provide our patients with immediate access to medications required for treatment.

Some of the pharmaceutical products available include:

  • Antibiotics
  • Anti-fungals
  • Cardiac Medications
  • Anti-Parasitic
  • Anti-Emetics
  • Anti-Diarrheal
  • Supplements
  • Otic and Ophthalmic Medication

***We are also fully stocked with the latest monthly preventative medications to keep your pets healthy all year round. Dogs and cats, whether indoor or outdoor, need to be on monthly heart-worm, flea, tick and internal parasite prevention. These medications are simple to give and apply and can prevent your pet from contracting a potentially deadly parasite. We also offer home shipping on these products.***