Here at West Chester Veterinary Medical Center, we have an extensive range of diagnostic tools and the latest technologies at our disposal. These are vital in providing us with a rapid diagnosis of your companion’s health and to help ensure a long, healthy, and happy life. A majority of our testing is done on site, with results in minutes.

Digital Radiographs are utilized often in our state of the art facility. They give us rapid results with no need to develop traditional films. Radiographs are vital to diagnosing your pet, especially in an emergency situation. Feel free to stop in for a tour to check it out!

Some Examples of In House Tests:

  • Digital Radiographs
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Chemistry Screens
  • Thyroid Level
  • Urinalyisis
  • Skin Scraping
  • Tick Bourne Diseases
  • Feline Infectious Diseases
  • Internal Parasite Screen