Imagine never brushing your teeth. In the same way humans take care of their teeth, our pets need theirs cared for as well. Your pet’s health is directly affected by the condition of its teeth and gums. Bacteria under the gums can spread via the blood stream to the vital organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, and lungs. Signs of poor dental health include: bad breath, brown/yellow tartar on the teeth, reluctance to eat hard foods, trouble chewing/swallowing.


  • Stage 1: Early Gingivitis
  • Stage 2: Gingivitis
  • Stage 3: Severe Gingivitis
  • Stage 4: Periodontal Disease

Regular dental care, which includes ultrasonic cleaning and polishing is performed by one of our specially trained technicians or veterinarians. Every patient also gets dental radiographs to help us diagnose disease below the gum line. A short acting anesthetic is used allowing your pet to go home the same day.

All dental cleanings scheduled at the office during your pet’s routine preventative care exam with be discounted by 10%!