Our Hours:

  • Monday through Sunday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Call our receptionists at (610) 696-8712.

For services after-center hours and on holidays, check our
West Chester Animal Emergency Center


Please call our friendly reception staff. All pets should have an annual wellness exam. Preventative health care applies to pets as well. For a routine visit call our receptionists and schedule an appointment at a convenient time.


Check out our vaccination page and schedule appointments accordingly. If you are a client we will send you a reminder card when your pet’s vaccinations are due.

If Your Pet is Sick

Call us immediately and report all your pets’ symptoms to our staff. Early detection and treatment of your pet may prevent needless suffering and a quicker recovery.

SPCA Adoptions

If you adopt a pet from the Chester County SPCA – your first visit for a wellness exam is free. We also honor the spay and neuter certificates.

Dentistry Days

The day your pet is scheduled for dentistry, because he/she will have an anesthetic, he/she must not eat or drink that day. Dental care is scheduled in the mornings, Monday to Friday. Please bring your pet in at 8am, you will be able to pick up your pet later that same day. If that is difficult you can leave your pet with us the night before.


Since all major surgeries require an anesthetic it is essential that your pet does not eat anything for 12 hours prior to admittance to the center. Water should be withheld two hours prior to admittance. Recovery protocols and the length of time your pet may have to stay vary, discuss this with one of our veterinarians.

Other Procedures

Our technical staff can advise you on nonsurgical procedures such as drawing blood, providing urine and stool samples and in-house diagnostic test.

Hospital Visits

If your pet is hospitalized, visitations of approximately 20 minutes are allowed at the discretion of the doctor.