The animals we love can experience many neurological disorders. Some conditions are acute (abrupt onset) and can progress quite quickly, while others can be hard to spot and progress over a great length of time. Spinal trauma and abrupt hernia of an intervertebral disk are examples of an acute onset neurological pathology requiring immediate medical attention. Some slowly progressing disorders include degenerative myelopathy (progressive paralysis of the spinal cord) or lumbrosacral disk disease (lower back pain).

Neurological disorders with our pets can be just as unpredictable as with people, and recovery from neurological disorders can often be quite prolonged. Managing an acute or chronic neurologic disease with rehabilitation is of great importance. We can employ a variety of treatment interventions to address any pain or weakness. Our team of professionals will apply techniques to rehabilitate any deconditioned state or diminished physical and mental quality of life.

Here at the Rehabilitation Center we design programs individually for our patients. Whether your companion needs to increase muscle strength, improve core stability and stance, or improve balance and coordination, we strive to restore their normal functional movement. We often use tools such as physioballs, balance boards, and assisted-support harnesses in order to achieve our goals.

Neurofacilitation techniques performed by a certified canine practitioner or therapist are also incorporated into their exercise program. This will either facilitate or inhibit a specific motor or sensory response and facilitate normal movement patterns. For pets that may have postural or the ability to stand or walk on land, swimming in a deep water pool can be very effective for strengthening and improving motor control.

Performing exercises at home is an extremely important part of your pet’s recovery process. Our rehabilitation team will design a home program specifically for you, as well as suggest options for mobility aids such as slings, carts, and booties that can greatly improve your pet’s mobility, recovery, and overall happiness.

Give us a call at 610-696-8712 to schedule a consultation with our rehabilitation specialists if your pet has been diagnosed with a neurological disorder.