Bites from other pets or wild animals may be some of the most common problems your companion encounters. In households with multiple pets, try to avoid situations (usually involving food or toys) that provoke confrontation between them. If your pet bites or has been bitten by a stray or wild animal you will need to verify that their rabies vaccination is up to date. In the unfortunate case that your pet has bitten a human, you could risk losing the pet to animal control. Always keep your pet leashed and under control, especially when introducing them to strangers.

Domestic Animal Bites:

If you ensure that your pet is up to date on its own vaccinations you will only need to address the wound itself. In some cases, the trauma of a confrontation may be as damaging as the injury itself. If the wounds are severe, cover with a sterile gauze and apply a pressure bandage. Bring them to the clinic immediately.

Wild Animal Bites:

Just as with domestic animal confrontations, if your pet is protected with its own vaccinations, you will only need to deal with the wound. Be aware that the trauma of the confrontation may be just as damaging as the injury. If the wounds are severe, cover with sterile gauze and a pressure bandage. Bring them to the clinic immediately. Do not attempt to approach the wild animal yourself. If you have come into contact with any attacking wild animal, report this to us immediately. The Chester County Health Department will want to speak with you about the encounter.

Report bizarre behavior of wild animals to:

  • West Chester Department of Health: 610-344-6000
  • Pennsylvania Game Commission: 610-926-3136