Do you experience allergies? Just as many people experience allergies to many things; so do your pets. Below are some guidelines to handling your companion’s allergies. Any pet showing signs of difficulty breathing, and/or pale, white, or blue gums should be brought to the clinic immediately.


Many animals experience allergic reactions to specific ingredients within foods. Symptoms generally arise as scratching and hair loss. Treatment involves testing your pet for specific reactions and a controlled diet. We stock special diets for pets allergic to certain foods. Most allergic reactions to food are not emergencies. However, if your pet exhibits any difficulty breathing or discoloration of the gums, you should bring them to the clinic immediately.

Environmental / Dust / Pollen:

There are many materials or chemicals within your household that your pet may be allergic to. These can include carpet cleaners, deodorizers, and fabric softeners. Generally, these are not emergency situations but should be addressed. Any pet exhibiting difficulty breathing or discoloration of the gums should be brought to the clinic immediately.


Generally, most pets are tolerant of medications. If your pet has a reaction to a prescribed medication, bring them and the medication in question to the clinic immediately.

Never use over the counter medications without consulting your veterinarian!

Tylenol (Acetominophen) is deadly poisonous to cats and must not be given to dogs.
Aspirin can be toxic to cats and must only be administered under the advice of a veterinarian.


Certain plants may cause allergic reactions without being inherently poisonous. These include some common houseplants such as Aloe, Hibiscus, Carnations, and Lilies. Just as with food, they generally cause scratching or hair loss and are not emergencies. As always, any pet showing signs of difficulty breathing and/or blue, white, or pale gums should be seen immediately.

Bee Stings:

Animals stung by bees may have facial swelling, hives, difficulty breathing, and/or intense itching. Should your pet experience an allergic reaction, we urge you to call us immediately.