Just as you and I encounter accidents, so do our companions. To help you avoid or deal with these situations, we have provided you with some guidelines below. In all cases, you should still call us immediately and bring your pet to the clinic. Prompt action can avoid unnecessary suffering for your companion.


For minor burns apply cold water followed by ice. For serious burns where the skin has been ruptured, cover the area with a cool damp synthetic (non sticking) cloth and bring them to the clinic for immediate attention. Do not use creams or ointments on the burnt area as the risk of infection is greatly increased.

Hit by Vehicle:

If your pet sustains an injury on the road, no matter how slight, they should be brought to the clinic. Many road injuries become more serious as the animal comes out of shock. Keep your pet warm en route and report the color of its gums. We will need to check for internal hemorrhaging, broken bones, and shock.

Broken Bones:

A pet suspected of any broken bones should be checked by a veterinarian and x-rayed. Try not to move your pet unnecessarily. Transport on a solid material to prevent movement of their bones.


If your pet chokes you can try two things, First, open its jaw and try to remove anything lodged in the jaw or upper throat. Be careful to avoid being bitten. If this is unsuccessful; hold your pet from behind, just below the ribs, and exert pressure quickly. If this does not work, rush your pet immediately to the nearest veterinarian.

Electric Shock:

Keep all electrical cords out of reach from pets. Should your pet receive an electrical shock, carefully remove the wire away from it with a wooden or other non-conducting object and bring them to the clinic immediately.

Swallowed Objects:

All cats and dogs, especially kittens and puppies, will ingest things inappropriate for them. We have removed everything from kitchen knives to balls of string from their intestines. If you suspect that your pet has eaten a foreign object, you should call us immediately. Do not induce vomiting. Be particularly careful of aluminum foil, balls (ping pong, golf, etc.), chicken bones, wires, needle and thread, panty hose, plastic bags, any glues, and toys.